Carmen Chammas preferred links
  Web Link
  Link   Academia international
My astrology yearly book publisher and worldwide distributor.
  Link   Future TV
The TV station where I work
  Link   Radio Orient
The radio station that hosts my daily programs
  Link   Kamar Magazine
Kamar is one of the best weekly magazines in the arab world. the editors and reporters are great, friendly and very very capable. Besides the finishing and layout of Kamar is truly excellent. Read my weekly Horoscopes in Kamar Magazine
  Link   Zaven Kouyoumjian, Sireh wou Infatahet
My brilliant colleague, friend and best TV show host. I never miss any episode of his show : Sireh wou Infatahet.
  Link   Astrococktail
A truly genuine and top-quality astrological website.The owners and webmasters,John and Susan Townley are truly dear to my heart.When I am not browsing on my site, this is where I go:
  Link   Stars Over Lebanon: An Interview With Carmen Chammas. By John Townley
John and Susan Townley's AstroCocktail
  Link   Carmen Harra
My best friend and luminary psychic in the USA. Carmen has published many interesting books. I urge you all to check her website.
  Link   Arznet
My website host and programmer. A brilliant IT professional who built my website engine.
  Link   Touch of ART
My website designer and good friend and media advisor, Reem Chammas is a true artist. Thank you Reem !!
  Link   The New York Times
Interview video : Carmen with the New York Times, In Beirut-Lebanon
  Link   Lebweb
Carmen Chammas Website - - Lebanon Offers information about the Lebanese astrologer Carmen Chammas.
  Link   Index of Lebanon
Horoscope Lebanon :: Index Lebanon Beirut Carmen Chammas Lebanon, you can visit horoscope Lebanon and read your astrology, read Carmen Chammas horoscope Lebanon.
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